D&BTech Efficient Bioreactors

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D&BTech Efficient Bioreactors

D&BTech bioreactors are capable of improving process times by up to 90% compared to the bioreactors of other leading brands in the sector, avoiding shear problems.

D&BTech, using aerodynamic and fluid mechanics concepts, determines the maximum agitation speed for each cultivation medium. This speed is based on the size and geometry of the agitation system, substantially improving the mixing speed of the bioreactors and therefore its process speed, productivity and quality.

Currently, the productivity and product quality of industrial bioreactors is limited and they could be drastically improved. One of the most current consequences is the problem that the World is suffering from the pace at which the Covid-19 vaccine is being produced. In the health sector, the productivity and time-to-market are key to success, which has become evident with the current crisis.

Shear stress is also a very important problem particularly for delicate cultures, such as mammal cells. Using concepts of Fluid Mechanics we can determine the maximum agitation speed that can be worked with for each culture based on the size and geometry of the agitation system. Clearly, this problem is related to the mixing rate of bioreactors and thus with their productivity and quality.

The bioreactor performance is highly dependent on the geometry of the stirring system and the reactor itself. In a similar way to aeronautical bodies, where we have seen surprising recent advances (for example in racing multihulls), in bioreactor agitators, innovative aerodynamic designs could greatly increase their productivity. Small geometry changes of the mixer blades and the aeration system can produce very different results in terms of mixing times, oxygenation of cultures or cell rupture.

We are good at designing bioreactors because we combine a profound academic knowledge on aerodynamics and fluid mechanic with a large experience of optimizing chemical and biological reactors. D&BTech bioreactors can upgrade the best available bioreactors. We have modernized some bioreactors of prestigious brands to demonstrate that our designs can improve the capacity of current reactors, achieving a substantial increase in their productivity.

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