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Engineering Services

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Design of reactors

We apply our knowledge on Fluid Mechanics and CFD Numerical Simulation to the design of mixers and reactors according to the characteristics of the fluids and the operating parameters.


Low pressure-drop in-line mixing. The optimization of the mixing process must provide the least increase in head losses.

Multi-phase Flows

Design of equipment for gas dissolution, mass transfer or flotation. The process of efficient transfer of gases in fluids constitutes an important part of D&BTech know-how.

Furnaces and Autoclaves

D&BTech has participated in projects aimed at studying and optimizing the conduction and radiation processes inside heat treatment furnaces of metal parts as well as in autoclaves for the curing of composite parts in the aeronautical sector.
Aerosol concentration simulations in confined spaces

Aerosol Concentration Simulations in Confined Spaces

We study solutions to prevent COVID. One of the applications of the CFD Simulation is to study how gases and aerosols are distributed in interior spaces with or without ventilation (exterior windows, renovation systems, air conditioning).

Experimental Tests

Separation and mass transfer operations. MicroBTech diffusers generate microbubbles with a controllable size from 100 microns depending on the cross flow of gas and liquid.
experimental tests
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