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Design of reactors

Design of reactors


Stirred multi-phase reactors and mixing tanks

Proper optimisation of industrial reactors allows for higher product quality, shorter time of reaction and lower energy consumption.

Stirred reactors and mixers (with or without gas diffusion) typically used in the food and chemical industry can be substantially improved. Typically more than a 40% reduction in time of reaction and 50% of energy saving can be achieved.


In bioreactors it is especially important to achieve optimum gas and nutrients diffusion while controlling the shear forces on the culture. CFD Simulations allow the scalability of the flow conditions.

The picture on the right shows two propellers and a diffuser specifically designed for a pilot bioreactor. The mass transfer constant was increased by a 100% in this case

Standard bioreactor with type Rushton paddle stirring

Efficient bioreactor developed by D&BTech

dbtech bioreactor reactor design

Multiphase Stirred Reactors

We apply our knowledge on Fluid Mechanics and CFD Numerical Simulation to the design of mixers and reactors according to the characteristics of the fluids and the operating parameters.

Left image shows the concentration of air bubbles injected to dissolve oxygen in the culture medium of a stirred bioreactor.

Design of High Rate Algae Ponds

In open tanks for industrial production of microalgae, the culture medium circulates around a central wall to provide good mixing.

With our designs, the energy necessary for the flow circulation can be reduced and the mixing can be enhanced.


Different prototypes have been tested at pilot scale with new geometries, CO2 injection devices, driving flow systems, and mixing strategies.

A deep analysis of the process can be translated into higher productivity and lower energy consumption.

After the designing phase, the reactors have been scaled with the help of the CFD tool. The last step is the demonstration of the process in an industrial plant.

The picture shows a pond designed for wastewater treatment by algae cultivation. The casing of the impulsion system devised on purpose can be seen in the foreground.



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