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Experimental tests

Experimental tests


Separation and mass transfer operations

MicroBTech diffusers generate microbubbles with a controllable size from 100 microns depending on the cross flow of gas and liquid.

These characteristics make it suitable for flotation separation processes (metalurgy and dirty liquids) as well as for an efficient Kla transfer rate.

Wind tunnels tests

Pressure distribution and forces on any object inmersed in a wind current can be measured inside a 1.8 x 1.8 m cross-section wind tunnel

Physical fluid properties

The characterization of the physical properties of fluids involved in a processes is essential to understand the fluid behaviour.  We can measure viscosity, surface tension, density, drop or bubble size distribution, etc.

D&BTech has access to extensive equipment for these determinations.


Surface tension

In the gas/liquid mixing and transfer processes, the most determining physical parameter of the liquid is surface tension. 

In the image, the formation of a drop of liquid in gas for the determination of surface tension.

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