Industrial reactors

Design of high rate algae ponds

Design of high rate algae ponds

Design of high rate algae ponds

Project Detail

The development of microalgae cultivation for different purposes (biofuels, fertilizers, animal feed, waste water treatment, food supplements, drugs and cosmetics) has high expectations for the near future.

  • Project: Industrial algae reactor
  • Sectors:Waste Water Treatment and Algae cultivation
  • Date:2014-2018
  • Other data:Pilot plant 2 x 500m2,
    Industrial plant 4 x 5200 m2
    50% energy reduction

D&BTech contributes to the industry through the application of its Fluid Mechanics knowledge to the reduction of operating costs and increase of mixing. The desing of this HRAP reduces 50% of energy consumption in comparison with traditional paddle-wheel raceways.

In the designed reactor agitation is carried out by a propeller and the turning curves of the raceway have been modified to reduce the total head losses.

In biological reactors flow mixing, shear stress and access to nutrients (CO2, salts and organic material in this case) are always marked as priority aspects.

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