Vortex Mixers

To improve the mixing of fluids in motion, D&BTech has designed SBTech devices that take advantage of theoretical knowledge and experience in aerodynamics for application in industrial processes.
vortex mixers
self cleaing ponds

Self-cleaning ponds

In the design of culture tanks (microalgae, fry in hatcheries and nurseries) it is possible, with the help of Numerical Simulation, to introduce elements that direct the solid particles of waste to specific areas to facilitate their evacuation.

Future technologies

As a complement to the microbubble flotation separation, D&BTech works on the design of hydrocyclones that speed up the process.
- Bubble cyclon
- Air flotation
- Evaporating layer
One application of MicroBTech diffusers is the generation of microbubbles for phases separation in flotation processes.
future technologies
microbubbles diffusers

Microbubble diffusers

The cross flow technology is applied to the microbubble diffusers sold by D&BTech after adapting them to the special circumstances of each case.