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bubble cyclon dbtech

Bubble cyclon

As a complement to the microbubble flotation separation, D&BTech works on the design of hydrocyclones that speed up the process. In these cyclones the microbubbles would be injected so that in their helical movement they drag the particles to be separated. 

The objective is to increase the flow of operation and reduce the time required for the separation.

bubble cyclon dbtech

Air flotation

One application of MicroBTech diffusers is the generation of microbubbles for phases separation in flotation processes. In our laboratories, preliminary tests are carried out in reactors designed for this purpose. 

The image shows the device prepared for the test in which the effectiveness of accelerating the drag by controlled agitation is going to be studied.

air flotation dbtech
air flotation dbtech

Upper part of the flotation test tank by air dissolution. In this case, it is tested the effect of the controlled agitation on the drag that the microbubbles make of microalgae dissolved in their upward movement.

Evaporating layer

The environmental problem involved in the construction of wastewater evaporation ponds is making us study how to accelerate the evaporation process so that the needs of new ponds are slowed down by companies in the agri-food sector as their level of production increases. 

A pilot sheet is shown in the image.

evaporating layer dbtech
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